Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I know it's been so long since I have blogged last but I have a great update for you! I still have a long way to go on my weight loss journey but I hit a wall this month. Holiday seasons are filled with excuses about how hard it is to lose weight. As I was thinking about ways to motivate myself to finish my program, I had a dear friend stop by for a visit. She told me she was starting a program for $25 a month to lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months. If you meet your goal, you split the pot with the rest of the winners. It's fail proof. If you stick with the plan you win your money back, and the money of those who didn't meet their goal. Money is a great incentive! So I signed up! Today is day 2 and I am already feeling wonderful. If you want more information, please visit dietbetter.com. They also have smaller pots if you are afraid of the 6 month commitment. In these pots you have to lose only 4% of your body weight. So if you want to get paid to lose weight, try one! I'll keep you posted on how my 6 months go. 

In the mean time, how did your ab challenge go? I didn't finish mine but I got pretty close. I feel better for having tried it. 

If you are going to try to start losing weight it's important to remember to space your meals and snacks out every 2-5 hours. This will decrease hunger and it's also better for certain health markers such as cholesterol and insulin. It will also improve appetite control. Here are some great snack ideas! 

Almonds - Eating nuts are linked to a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

Popcorn - We aren't talking movie theater popcorn but air popped popcorn with no salt or butter. It has whole grains, fiber, and polyphenols (antioxidants). 

Berries - Berries are full of antioxidants and vitamin C for beautiful skin and healthy hair. They also have a high water content so you can eat more without consuming a ton of calories. 

Vegetables - Cut up vegetables and put them into snack bags for easy, on the go snacking. Keep them at eye level so when you open your fridge to graze it's the first thing you see! 

Light string cheese - The protein will battle hunger in the afternoon. 

Dark chocolate - If you have to have that chocolate then go for dark chocolate! It also has antioxidants and 5 dark chocolate kisses is around 100 calories. 

These are my go to snacks. What are yours? Please share in the comments section. Thanks!